The YT Lab Dashboard: YouTube Performance Insights is a customizable analytics tool that helps you view, analyze, and compare YouTube metrics on a video-by-video basis. Using this tool can help you identify and understand key trends across your content to improve YouTube channel growth.

Whether you create a video podcast, upload unboxings and reviews, or use your YouTube channel as an explainer video portfolio, the ability to access and leverage data can make a huge difference in your overall YouTube ROMI. While YouTube Analytics provides an abundance of valuable insights, many users don’t fully realize the potential of the platform because they overlook a key feature called Advanced Mode.

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In Advanced Mode, you can get granular with your analytics by configuring how YouTube Analytics displays your data and the specific metrics you want to focus on. This allows you to better understand and analyze the performance of your videos so you can identify and address issues with your content.

For example, the “Views” display option is a powerful tool for understanding how your audience is engaging with your content. Views alone can offer an initial overview of your content popularity and when combined with other metrics like average watch time, they can give you a complete picture of how well (or poorly) your video is performing.

The “Search Terms” display option can also provide valuable insights into how people are finding your videos. By analyzing this data, you can learn more about your viewers and what types of content they find most interesting. This data can be useful for optimizing YouTube video SEO by helping you identify keywords, flag content gaps, and more.

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