Using a purse as a diaper bag can be a great way to save money or to get more use out of an existing bag you like. It’s important to find a purse that can easily convert from its normal form into a diaper bag. There are plenty of backpack-style diaper bags available that have a lot of room and many pockets, but you could also look for a tote bag style that can hold enough stuff for a day trip without being too heavy. You might even want to consider a hybrid bag that can switch between being a purse and being a backpack.

Purse Diaper Bag Hacks: How to Make the Most of Your Stylish Accessory

A purse is a usually closable bag or pouch used to carry keys, a wallet, and other personal items, especially by women. It can be worn around the waist, on one shoulder, or held in the hand. It may have a zipper or snap closures and be made of leather, cloth, or plastic. Purses are often decorated with embroidery or other patterns and are used as a fashion accessory.

When choosing a purse to use as a diaper bag, look for something that’s large and has lots of pockets for organization. It should be durable and made of easy-to-clean materials. You’ll also want a bag that has a changing pad compartment with a separate removable insert. If you have trouble finding things in your purse, try storing items into smaller bags (similar to how mountain climbers use stuff sacks in their packs) or color-code them to make it easier to find what you need.

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