Tree removal is a major service offered by a tree service company. The most common type of tree removed is a commercial tree that may have been planted without required irrigation, insect control, or other needed services. It can also be an old tree that has outgrown its space or a tree that was infected with a disease or fungus. They will usually first inspect the tree for damage before they will attempt any type of tree removal. A tree may need to be removed if it is diseased or has started to rot, and in some cases it may need to be removed due to an attack of insects or worms.


When trees are in the ground, they grow at about three to four inches per year, depending on the species. Most tree removal companies have a minimum requirement for trees they will fell and cut down. This is usually based on the size and diameter of the tree and range in minimum cut down depth to maximum cut depth. Most tree removal companies also require that the tree will not grow to more than four inches once removed. Pruning, trimming and felling/thinning trees in urban areas usually range in an area from one to four inches, which is one foot to two feet thick.


If tree removal is desired, it is best if the owner can get rid of the tree themselves, because getting rid of the roots is the reason tree removal is done. Some homeowners who do not want to have their trees removed find it easier to get rid of the roots by using a rooter. Tree removal companies use special trucks with a small auger attached that can drill into the tree to get rid of the roots and bark. Once the roots are removed, a tree removal company will then disconnect the wires and remove the stump in most cases.

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