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Rust is a rust cheat that involves climbing up the food chain from prey to predator among other players of similar skill levels. At the beginning of the game your character is weak and prone to attack by other players who are out to raid your base or loot your materials. This can be quite miserable and many new players eventually give up on the game completely. However, you can put these other players in their place by using rust cheats that level the playing field. Lavicheats has a number of secure and undetectable rust hacks that can help you tear through armies of opposing players and enjoy all the advantages that come with it.

One of the most essential rust cheats that you can use is an ESP hack. This allows you to see the hitboxes of other players and evaluate their threat level before attacking them. The ESP can also be configured to show the location of specific items so you can quickly gather materials when required.

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Another important rust cheat is the speed hack. This makes it easy to move fast around the map and catch up with an escaping enemy player or even to chase down a heavily armed rival.

Other essential rust cheats include the resource hack that shows all nearby available resources, the proximity alert hack that lets you know when other players are getting dangerously close without your knowledge and more. These rust cheats can be used on both Rust Legacy and Rust Experimental servers.

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