orbot carpet cleaner

The orbot is the most versatile and compact commercial and residential orbital carpet cleaner on the market. It can be used to clean, scrub, sand, strip and polish any carpet or hard floor. It comes with a unique driver system, an assortment of pads and brushes.

The orbot carpet cleaner unique engineering generates thousands of miniature orbits that agitate together with the brush, SuperZorb Pads and or AgiClean Pads to break down dirt and grime instantly without the use of excessive water. The Orbot also eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, reducing cleaning costs and time.

Unlike most traditional water extraction machines that dispense too much water and leave floors wet, the orbot uses 10 times less water to clean and leaves the floors dry within minutes! This reduces the potential for mold and mildew growth, staining and re-soiling.

Revolutionize Your Carpet Cleaning with Orbot: A Guide to Using Orbot Carpet Cleaners

Environ HP® Technology – Orbot’s ENVIRON® HP polymer element traps and encapsulates the soil particles to prevent them from wicking back up and re-soiling your carpet. This keeps your floors looking cleaner and healthier for longer periods of time.

SprayBorg® Electric On-Board Pre-Spray System – Mounts on Orbot in seconds, eliminating spills and reducing overall machine weight.

The SprayBorg’s easy to control on-board electric spray system allows the operator to quickly and accurately apply a pre-mixed 11 litre solution bottle. It eliminates spills, reduces the overall machine weight for easy transport and storage and eliminates the need for a hose.

The Orbot SprayBorg is made in the USA and is virtually maintenance free! It features a quick connect power cord (indicator light 230V only) and a quick change velcro driver system, allowing it to be removed and replaced in seconds. It also has a lever-free on/off switch, providing continuous hands-free operation!

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