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If you live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, you should consider getting radon mitigation for your home. The process is similar to that for buying real estate. To determine whether your home needs mitigation, you should first get a radon test. There are several methods to use, including digital testing, which requires a certified radon technician. Find Out – radon mitigation green bay | LIfetimeRadonMitigation

Radon mitigation in Green Bay is important because radon can cause lung cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that over 20,000 people die each year due to radon-induced lung cancer. This is the number two cause of lung cancer in the United States after smoking.

Radon mitigation is an option that can protect your home and your family. A professional contractor in Green Bay can help you choose the best solution for your situation. These contractors will set up a Continuous Radon Monitor in your home. They will analyze the data and results to provide you with a free quote.

Radon is one of the most common causes of lung cancer, and there is no way to completely eliminate the threat. It is present in nearly every home in Wisconsin. Although it is invisible and odorless, radon can cause health problems, particularly in children. Therefore, radon mitigation in Green Bay is important for your health and the health of your family.

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