kick bike

A kick bike is an alternative transportation choice in which the rider sits or stands on a kick scooter (usually a stand-up electric scooter) and pedals their bike with a foot pedal equivalent to their standard bicycle pedal power unit. They typically have a fixed ratio, usually a three to one or a two to one, and are often considered motorcycles. They are very popular in Europe but less so elsewhere in the world. You can find kick bikes for sale almost anywhere.


Kick bike designs differ from bicycle to a bicycle, but they generally have some common elements. Usually kick bike models will have a gas or electric motor driving the front wheels, with the back wheel providing support and traction. They also may have either pneumatic tyres or air-bags beneath the seats to provide support in case of an accident. Some models may also have replaceable airbags.


Kick scooters (sometimes called “motorized pneumatic” or “foot-bikes”) were designed mainly for use by children and young people with mobility problems. The main advantage to them over other types of bicycles is that they are much lighter and less cumbersome than standard bicycles. They also run at a lower wattage than most motorized bicycles, which makes them much easier to ride. They are also much less expensive than motorized scooters. In Europe kick bike technology has been applied to all kinds of scooters, even those designed for adults.

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