A good local SEO strategy is key for any small business or local service provider. However, it is a skill that is not easily learned since the Internet marketing landscape is constantly changing. This is where IMG local SEO courses come in handy. They are a great way to help newbies and seasoned professionals alike learn the ropes of local SEO.

Can I do SEO on my own?

IMG is sort of a Netflix(tm) for SEOs and has an impressive library of online marketing courses. They offer a free trial, so you can check them out before you commit to membership. The courses range from beginner to advanced. They include local SEO, content audit playbook, PBN academy, linkbuilding training from Bibi Raven called “Link Building Outreach That Doesn’t Suck” and a whole lot more.

Moreover, IMG also offers courses on Affiliate SEO, SEO campaign processes, App Store Optimization, Content Writing and Copywriting. These courses are designed to increase the revenue of your site through innovative techniques.

The platform has a bunch of great instructors who are renowned in their fields.  All the courses are well organized and easy to understand. They are also available in multiple formats. For example, the videos can be viewed at 2x speed, making it easier to absorb and understand the lessons. Moreover, they include Closed Captions so that people who have hearing impairments can also benefit from this learning platform.

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