Imagine arriving at a early check in hotel hours after a long flight or drive. You are hungry, tired, and in need of a good night’s rest to get ready for your meeting or vacation. You ask the front desk clerk politely to check in early, but all of the rooms are occupied. The clerk tells you they can stow your luggage and you are free to explore the hotel facilities until your room is available.

Many hotels offer an early check in for a fee and some even have an option to pre purchase it when you book your room. It all depends on the hotel policy, the availability of rooms, and your status as a member of their loyalty program. Regardless of your status, it is always worth asking because if you can demonstrate that you are a valued customer they will be more likely to go out of their way to accommodate you.

Flexible Travel: How to Book a Hotel for a Few Hours and Make the Most of It

The best way to secure an early check in is to arrive early, make a polite request and be willing to pay for the privilege of a room before 3 pm. Also be friendly to the hotel staff – they are people too and want to help you have a good stay. They may be struggling to occupy a lot of rooms quickly after a full day of cleaning and they will work harder for you if you are pleasant and respectful. They will also be more likely to help you if they see that you are desperate for rest after a long trip or flight.

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