Health healthcare mobile application  are a rapidly expanding part of the healthcare landscape. They offer remote monitoring, prescription management, and consultations. They also have the potential to increase the sustainability of health care. However, the majority of digital health applications are not regulated.

This presents a series of challenges for the traditional regulatory framework. First, privacy concerns. Second, a lack of a centralized program to vet and approve apps can put patients at risk. Third, there is a need for robust clinical evidence for the growth of the market.

In order to succeed, an app needs to be able to demonstrate a number of clinical and behavioral outcomes. The most common primary endpoints include improvement in the patient’s quality of life and symptom assessment scales.

However, a major challenge is evaluating behavior change. This is especially true in the context of a medical condition. In addition, an app’s ability to integrate with existing health care systems and data sources can help ensure it is a successful tool.

Understanding The Impact Of Cost Savings Models On Clinical Operations

Ideally, a centralized program would allow clinicians to prescribe interventions. It would also give payors and consumers the opportunity to evaluate apps’ risks. This type of strategy could provide a cost-effective solution for the healthcare system.

Moreover, a centralized program would enable the collection and analysis of user data in a safe and secure manner. In addition, the platform could facilitate a more consumer-friendly app marketplace.

With more than 91,000 digital health apps on the market by 2020, the market is quickly becoming inundated. This is a positive sign, as it will make it easier for users to access quality health care services. It will also reduce clinician and patient travel.

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