As traditional music stations are losing listeners and networks struggle to bring in revenue, sports broadcasting is thriving. With the right undergraduate and graduate education, students can prepare themselves to create compelling content for a growing industry. Source

The career path to becoming a Sports Broadcaster starts with earning a degree in Communication or Journalism at an accredited university. Many students then seek out internships at local TV or radio stations to gain the on-air experience needed to land a full-time job. Some students also sign with an agent who can help them find employment with a larger network.

Athlete to Announcer: Former Players in the Broadcast Booth

A good sports broadcaster must have a voice that is clear and audible, and that keeps the audience engaged. They must have a good memory for statistics and names of past and current players. They must be able to interact with other on-air talent and have strong journalistic skills to deliver the oral and written portions of their show with professional expertise.

They work with a team to ensure a quality production, so they must be able to collaborate effectively and coordinate camera angles and other technical aspects of the broadcast. Some sports broadcasters are color commentators or analysts who work alongside the play-by-play announcer to offer commentary, insights, and expert analysis on key plays and player performance.

A good Sports Broadcaster is also a great interviewer, able to ask insightful questions and elicit informative responses from the players and coaches they interview. They may also host pre-game and post-game shows, analyze upcoming matchups or events, provide highlights from previous games, and report on current news and developments in the world of sports.

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