heavy metal detox for children

heavy metal detox for children like mercury, arsenic, and cadmium are lurking everywhere: in the food, water, air, playgrounds, schools, and even in our bodies. They can be toxic to the brain, gut, heart, and immune system and cause a host of symptoms like fatigue, memory problems, insomnia, tummy troubles, skin rashes, and behavioral changes. If your child is experiencing any of these, then it’s time to detox them and bring their health back on track!

Supporting Your Child’s Health: The Benefits of Chelation Therapy

Children tend to be more impacted by heavy metals than adults because they ingest a lot more of the stuff. Some of it is due to the fact that they eat a lot more processed foods, but the biggest source of exposure for toddlers is likely pollution from industrial operations. Mining, smelting, and other operations release heavy metals into the environment in the form of air and soil. Kids then breathe these in, eat contaminated crops, and touch metal toys or electronics, unknowingly inviting those heavy metals into their bodies.

Some of the most common symptoms of heavy metal toxicity in toddlers are cognitive impairment, nausea, and stomach pain or cramps. There are many safe and effective ways to naturally detox a kid, including eating foods that help to chelate the metals out of the body (such as cilantro or chlorella), supporting the body’s natural chelation pathways by replenishing essential minerals, and making sure kids have 1 formed, easy-to-pass bowel movement daily. Chelation therapy is another option, but this is typically reserved for severe cases of heavy metal poisoning or exposure and needs to be done under the supervision of a medical professional.

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