electric cars used for sale

A full electric car is a fun and convenient way to get around. But, the price tag can be prohibitive for some shoppers. Fortunately, there are many used EVs for sale. And, as long as you’re prepared to perform a little extra homework — such as researching the vehicle history and inspecting the battery’s health and capacity before buying — these vehicles can be a great way to experience the benefits of EV ownership at a more affordable cost.

One of the most popular ways to buy an electric cars used for sale is by taking advantage of the federal tax credit available for new and used EVs. This incentive can reduce the price of an EV to as low as $16,000 after taking into account state and local rebates. But, it’s important to know that you have to purchase an EV from a dealership registered with the IRS to qualify for the rebate.

Electric Cars Used for Sale: Top Models to Consider

EVs depreciate much slower than traditional cars, and this is especially true for used ones. As a result, they often offer the same or even better performance at a lower price than their gas counterparts. Additionally, the elimination of a transmission usually results in lower maintenance costs. And, advances in EV motor technology have made it possible for these vehicles to produce near-instantaneous torque that can make for exciting driving.

In fact, one Georgia car dealer told Recurrent Reports that he’s seen an uptick in the number of customers buying EVs from his dealership because they can apply the tax credit at the point of sale, dropping the price by $4,000. For many buyers, it’s an opportunity to become an EV owner without spending more than they’re comfortable with.

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