Bird gel repellent is a high-tech product that prevents avian visitors from landing on your property by repelning the natural sugars in their plumage and blood. Bird droppings are an ideal food source for predatory insects such as ticks and mites, but humans often make it too easy for these creatures by leaving food crumbs around or using open trash cans. This not only attracts unwanted insects, it also attracts birds. When there is a constant supply of food available for birds, they tend to nest near human habitation, window ledges, eaves or nearby trees. This causes the neighboring birds to be irritated and sometimes, they will build their nest right on your roof.

How To Save Money With Effective Bird Gel Repellent?

bird gel repellent


Bird repellent creates a fog that acts like a physical barrier, preventing larger birds and pest from landing or nesting on the roof. Bird repellent fog is a non-toxic formula that contains a chemical called Orthomolecular A (OA) that interferes with the biological processes that produce Hanger, a chemical that carries disease. Hanger causes the death of larger birds and the destruction of their droppings as well, which results in the accumulation of all types of organic materials at the base of these birds’ nests. This can include feces, woodpeckers, and pigeons.

When you want to purchase bird gel repellent, it is important to know its intended application as well as the recommended container sizes. Bird repellents are available in various forms such as sprays, pens, roll-on covers and dispensers. The suggested container sizes are based on the average weight of the birds you want to deter and its average flight length; for instance, a bird repellent containing 10 parts water will work best for smaller birds such as woodpeckers and doves and should be mixed with water in the recommended container sizes mentioned earlier.

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