If you are in the market for a new paintball mask then the dye i5 vs other top rated paintball masks might be a great option. Its comfort, ventilation and visibility features are top notch. It also offers more protection than the i4 mask. The i5 also comes with removable and replaceable foam inserts. This way you can remove the old foam and add in a new one when it starts to smell. This is a big plus as it makes it easy to keep your mask fresh and clean.

What is a gata mask?

The i5 also has a quick lens change system which allows players to swap out lenses in seconds. It also has a high-flow ventilation design to reduce moisture. Its flex zone and multi-directional exhaust zones ensure that players get maximum comfort and can communicate clearly with their teammates. It is also ASTM certified and meets all eye protection standards.

Another feature of the i5 is its revolutionary torque dial adjustment. This turntable strap allows the user to tighten or loosen their mask with a simple twist. This makes it much easier to adjust the mask while running, diving or crawling and ensures that the mask stays securely in place.

Another important feature of the i5 is its wide field of vision. Its 290 degree viewing angle provides excellent peripheral vision efficiency. The i5 also has anti-fog lenses to help prevent fogging. The i5 is also very lightweight and offers an adjustable strap for a secure fit.

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