rubber caster wheel

A rubber caster wheel is used in many applications, including office chairs. It’s designed with a soft rubber compound that is bonded to a thick aluminum or steel or plastic wheel center, making it highly resilient and resistant to chemicals.

Rubber caster wheel come in a wide range of materials and sizes to match the application, allowing you to choose a caster that fits your needs perfectly. They’re available in rigid or swivel configurations, with different diameters and load capacities to suit your specific requirements.

Rigid casters are the standard and most economical choice for carts. They are easy to move in any direction and make it easier to maneuver heavier loads.

When selecting a caster, you’ll want to consider several factors that will impact how the wheel moves and how long it lasts. The type of material the caster is made from will determine how easily it moves and whether or not it transmits vibration.

Why Rubber Caster Wheels are the Ideal Choice for Your Equipment and Furniture

Hard rubber casters are gray or black in color and do not leave marks on floors. However, they are not recommended for soft floors because they can dent or scratch them.

Polyurethane casters are manufactured in a material that does not transfer color and therefore are more resistant to stains and dirt than soft rubber. They also offer excellent floor protection, which is important for a variety of applications.

Neoprene caster wheels are ideal for applications that experience large swings in temperature, as they can handle a wide range of temperatures from -20degF to 180degF. They’re also quiet, resist chemicals and won’t mark your floors.

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