Athletes and Activism Voices for Change

The controversies surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted the powerful role of athletes as cultural icons and social justice advocates. While anti-racism activism has been around for decades, it has gained renewed attention due to the prominence of Black athletes as leaders in this effort and the heightened awareness of race issues in sport. Activists are often characterized as disruptors in sport’s established conventions, which have historically been seen as sacred and enchanting. They use their platform in the form of a sporting event or interview with sports media to enact social performances that contest and dramatize struggle over what is coded as sacred, enchanting, or profane. Learn more UFABET Company

As with all social movements, the study of athlete activism is plagued by perennial questions about impact and outcome. In terms of the influence and effectiveness of race-based athletic activism, studies have found that while these types of mobilizations can have a strong emotional resonance, they can be difficult to translate into institutional reform or broader socio-political transformations (Cf. Stagenborg 2016).

Athletes and Activism: Voices for Change

Today’s consumers and fans expect athletes to make a positive impact on society, even when they are not in the spotlight on a national stage. It is important for athletes to create and manage a cause that makes sense for their brand and allows them to be the most effective advocate they can be. However, if they are not careful, they can run themselves out of business with endless projects and programs that don’t have any lasting effect or legacy.

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